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I am a panelist on the Money Tree Investing podcast. Episodes are recorded for later airing. You can find additional information below as well as links to every podcast I have appeared in with Money Tree Investing. You can also listen using your favorite podcast app.

I am a panelist on the Money Tree Investing podcast. Episodes are recorded for later airing. You can find additional information below as well as links to every podcast I have appeared in with Money Tree Investing. You can also listen using your favorite podcast app.

In addition, you will find links to interviews I have given. These provide greater insight into why Apprise prefers to work with “Women Facing New Beginnings” as well as some of the factors that contributed to my “Why” for working with these clients.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Unbiased Annuity Truths and Guidance with The Annuity Man May 24, 2024

Stan “The Annuity Man” Haithcock shares annuity truths and how to make informed decisions.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Cultivating Good Financial Habits for Entrepreneurs May 17, 2024

Chad Willardson shares insights into how to he helps to encourage good financial habits for entrepreneurs


Today we talk about chart crimes! We dive into how charts can sometimes tell a misleading story. We have to stress the importance of looking beyond the surface and understanding the narratives behind the data. This chat is full of insights into the complexities of investing and the importance of staying adaptable in the ever-changing market landscape.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Managing the Highs and Lows of the Market by Investing in ETFs April 5, 2024

Dive into the world of investing in EFTs as we’re joined by Bruce Bond, a seasoned expert who’s been around the block in the industry.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – This Person Is To Blame For The Market Going Up April 3, 2024

The market’s going up and someone has to be to blame! This week we help you understanding the complex forces driving the market highs in 2024. We delve into the trends of the market and various forces at play, seeking to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the market dynamics. In this episode, we discuss:


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Striking Gold: Investing in Laundromats March 29, 2024

Jordan Berry went from being a pastor to striking gold investing in laundromats. His journey’s a rollercoaster, from dreaming of Hawaii to diving into the world of laundry. Jordan shares the highs and lows, from snagging laundromats to facing unexpected hurdles.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Truth About The False Notion of a US Civil War and the Stock Market March 27, 2024

Another week in the markets and the idea of a potential civil war and the stock market.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Stock Market Opportunities And Where To Find Them March 20, 2024

This week we discuss all sorts of great topics such as where to find great opportunities in an expensive market. Why everyone is bearish. And most important, why it pays to be a bull.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Energy Crisis No One Is Talking About March 15, 2024

This week we have Doomberg join us, the prolific writer behind the Doomberg Substack, a renowned for insightful commentary and analysis on global energy dynamics and the current energy crisis under the surface.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – What does Investing in Japan, Reddit, and the Moon Have in Common March 6, 2024

Why is a raven like a writing desk? I still cannot answer that question. But Japan, Reddit and the moon are all related. Japan recently hit all time highs in the stock market, the moon was conquered by a private company and Reddit will IPO soon. Oh and I forgot about crypto which is also going to be on the moon soon if the price goes any higher.


Virtual US Financial Advisor – Budgeting, Saving, Investing: Financial Foundations with Phil Weiss March 1, 2024

Welcome to this episode of “Virtual US Financial Advisor,” where our host, Hannah Mitrea, engages in a conversation with Philip H. Weiss, CFA, CPA, RLP® & Founder of Apprise Wealth Management.


I’m thrilled about today’s discussion, Water Investment Opportunities, because we have the privilege of hosting Riggs Eckelberry, a seasoned expert whose upbringing as a corporate guy provided him with a unique, global perspective on the world.


This week we discuss how to find you money zen. The combination of financial health and emotional wealth will result in a powerful, research-based framework for getting off the hamster wheel of 24/7 striving so you can start to live a life fueled by authentic joy, connection, and meaning.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Personal Finance Podcast Interview with Andrew Giancola February 16, 2024

This week we interview Personal Finance Podcast host, Andrew Giancola. We discuss everything you need to know about investing and money… and other stuff.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Global Macro Strategies for 2024: The Hidden Risks February 9, 2024

Join us this week as we discuss global macro strategies for 2024. We discuss the 2024 election & Outlook – will the election have an impact on markets? geopolitical impact? World stability? Econ stability- factors for better or worse?


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Why The 60-40 Portfolio Is Broken… And How To Fix It February 2, 2024

We blow up the 60-40 portfolio in this interview. It is broken and needs to be fixed. We discuss how to improve on the 60-40 portfolio with alternative investments and what to look for in the alternative investment space.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Compound Code Interview with Scott Kyle January 26, 2024

Scott Kyle of the Compound Code discusses his views on allocation, time horizon, diversification, dividend stocks and why he think you should not have fixed income.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – This History of IPOs And How You Can Get Access December 22, 2023

This week we dive into the history of IPOs with Dakin Campbell. Dakin discusses who IPOs have always been alluring and what most people miss about this exciting event. We also discuss how investors can get access to these securities… and if they even should.


Brand Building, Creative Business Models, Entrepreneurship & More


Capital Gains Tax Solution YouTube Channel – Building a New Wealth Plan During Change


Caregiver’s Conference Interview


Christopher Zook talks about the secrets of high finance and how you can join them. We discuss GP Stakes and how this exists for investors to join the club.


John Jennings, financial advisor to ultra high net worth investors, discusses a myriad of topics related to issues that extreme wealth has with individuals and families. We also discuss mental models, ikigai, and wealth preservation secrets.


It is important to have a personal finance process if you want to have success with your household finances. Most people only focus on their investments and ignore everything else. This is a mistake.


A few weeks ago everyone was bearish, now no one is. what happened? Also we discuss year end tax strategies that you can do to legally keep money from uncle sam. Lastly, we share a very popular chart of why it makes sense to rent vs buy right now.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Big Mistakes In Financial Divorce Interview With Sharon Klein November 17, 2023

Sharon Klein talks about financial divorce, which is an additional kick in the teeth after the legal divorce. She explains all the things you need to understand if you want to minimize the impact to your life for the next 20 years.


Voyage’s Bold Journey Series: Portraits of Resilience October 17, 2023

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bold Journey.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Swing Trading Mindset Amnol Singh September 27, 2023

This week we interviewed Amnol Singh about the swing traders mindset and how to prevent yourself from making big mistakes. In the panel discussion that begins about 32 minutes into the podcast, we discussed topics such as the importance of having and following a process along with asset allocation and rebalancing rules.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Invest Like A Billionaire With Ben Fraser September 6, 2023

Billionaire Ben Frasier is the podcast host of Invest Like A Billionaire. We discuss billionaire habits, how you too can become wealthy, and what to do immediately when you have extreme wealth. This is an in-depth dive into billionaire wealth and what you can learn from it. In the panel discussion that begins about 38 minutes into the podcast, we discussed topics such as investing in oil & gas companies and the importance of understanding the risks and rewards of your investments as well as how they fit into your financial plan.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Happiness Retirement Project August 23, 2023

This week we interview Wes Moss about the Happiness Retirement Project. We discussed a lot of research data on people who are the happiest in retirement. If you think you know about happiness in retirement, you haven’t seen anything yet. In the panel discussion that begins about 29 minutes into the podcast, we discussed important retirement-related topics, the importance of determining what matters most, the changing tax rules when we reach retirement, your work identity, and maintaining an identity in retirement.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – MacroWatch Update: Richard Duncan On China, Recession, Inflation, Bulls, Bears, And More August 16, 2023

One of our favorite macroeconomists, Richard Duncan, joins us to discuss everything you want to know about, Inflation, China, recessions, bull and bear case for the future of the markets, and what are high rates going to do with the economy. This part of the discussion lasted for almost the first 44 minutes. In the panel discussion, we talked about the inverted yield curve, the global debt situation, and the bull and bear cases for the market.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Real Estate Debt – Problems And Opportunities August 9, 2023

Boris Dorfman joins us to share stories about real estate debt problems and opportunities. We also discuss, the next recession or crash, what is going on in California, skyrocketing vacancies, the office market’s looming doom, inflation, and when rates will start to drop. In the panel discussion that begins about 32 minutes into the podcast, we discussed various aspects of real estate investing and key factors to consider when deciding to buy or rent your home.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Cash Flow Cookbook with Gordon Stein August 2, 2023

Worried about the economy, high inflation, higher cost of goods and services, and stagnant wages? This is the episode for you. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any company of household budget. We discuss how you can improve your cash flow and set yourself up for success. In the panel discussion that begins about 25 minutes into the podcast, we discussed topics such as the importance of being present with your finances and knowing what you’re spending, using your money to buy back time, and using debit cards vs. using credit cards.


CanvasRebel – Meet Philip Weiss October 17, 2023

I was interviewed by CanvasRebel for the stories and insights section of their magazine.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Inflation, Deflation, and Truflation July 26, 2023

Oliver Rust from Truflation shares his shocking inflation revelation about the US CPI. His data about the true nature of inflation and what that means for the US economy. The short version is that the CPI is wrong but not in the way you think. In the panel discussion that begins about 34 minutes into the podcast, we discussed topics such as inflation and its impact on financial planning and investing, the role of dividends in your portfolio, and Social Security claiming strategies.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Secrets of Accounting In Wealth Management July 19, 2023

This was my initial appearance on the Money Tree Investing Podcast. I was asked to join as a panelist after its conclusion. We discussed some secrets of accounting for the wealth management industry that should give you pause. We also discussed various aspects of investing wisdom that you can apply today as well as a brief introduction to the life planning process and going through life transitions.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Investing In Life Settlement With Lucas Siegel July 12, 2023

Lucas Siegel joins us to talk about investing in structured settlements. We discuss the good the bad and ugly history of life settlements. This is a fascinating asset class that very few people understand. As a result, you will learn more about investing in life settlements. In the panel discussion that begins about 25 minutes into the podcast, we discussed topics such as life settlements, fixed-income investing, and discount rates and inflation.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Your Brain Is A Bad Investor…Here’s How You Change It July 5, 2023

This week we interview Patrick Huey about how you can rewire your brain from being a bad investor to a rockstar investor. In the panel discussion that begins about 39 minutes into the podcast, we discussed a number of behavioral investing biases. These included confirmation bias, anchoring, and recency bias.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – Beware Deflation Is Back June 21, 2023

Another Fed meeting and another disappointment for someone. We look at the CPI numbers and then the Fed’s decision to pause on rate hikes. They say they are worried about inflation, and maybe raising rates 1-2 more times this year, yet inflation is dropping quickly, the economy seems to be fine and interest rates are higher than they have been in 20 years.


The Intersection of Financial and Life Planning: Achieving Your Dreams June 16, 2023

I participated in a Facebook Live event hosted by Purse Strings. We discussed how to develop a clear vision of your future and build a solid plan to reach your destination. Bridging the gap between where you are today and where you want to go was also addressed. Plus, we shared tips to help you manage unexpected life transitions like divorce, widowhood, job loss, or becoming an empty nester.


Money Tree Investing Podcast – The Market Is Broken… Here’s Why June 14, 2023.

The podcast host and I talked about the new CPI inflation numbers, what they mean, and how you should think about their impact on your portfolio. We discussed all sorts of Wall Street magic tricks and how they bamboozle you with performance.


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