Apprise Wealth Management’s Selected Readings for the Week of July 7, 2019

Bad Habits Sign on Brick Walls

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Here are this week’s articles as well as a brief description of each:

1.   A More Affordable Alternative to Private College? Honors College. Face it. Paying for your child’s college education is EXPENSIVE. As a father of four, I know firsthand how much college can cost. I also understand how much the college application process (and the related cost) has changed since I applied to college. We thought college was expensive and getting accepted by an elite school was challenging back then. It’s much more expensive and harder to get accepted today than it was when I was admitted to Duke. If your child is academically talented, Elite institutions offer the benefit of smaller class sizes, a rigorous curriculum, and a close-knit community. However, they are also costly. One way to get some of the benefits that come with a private college experience at a more reasonable price is to consider honors programs at state universities. The article only mentions your state, but based on my experience, you can consider honors programs at out-of-state institutions as well. Honors programs include smaller class sizes as well as special research and internship opportunities. If admitted, your child will likely be considered for merit-based financial aid that can meaningfully lower the cost. Our son Daniel will be starting college in just a few weeks and will be part of the University of Maryland’s honors program.

2.   Simple Ways Clients Can Protect Themselves Online. Although technology has made our lives easier in numerous ways, it also exposes us to numerous digital threats from those looking to steal our personal and financial information. This article outlines several steps you can take to meaningfully improve your digital defense system, no matter what type of device you are using.

3.  How to Save for Your Kids’ College Without Ignoring Retirement. One of the biggest challenges many families face is balancing the need to save for retirement with the need to put aside money for your children’s education. The task can be daunting and can involve some hard choices. The following three steps are recommended by most financial advisors, including Apprise Wealth Management:

·        Fund your employee retirement account first

·        Open a 529 college savings plan

·        Plan a college-savings strategy with your kids

4.  How Your Friends Change Your Habits – for Better and Worse. Whether or not we realize it, our friends constantly influence our choices. While we think our self-control comes from within, many of our actions are as dependent on our family and friends as they are on us. For example, those we surround ourselves with can make us fatter, drink more alcohol, be less environmentally friendly, and be riskier with sun protection, among many things. However, don’t give up hope. While a negative behavior can spread, so can a positive one. Think about how you can use your influence for good.

5.   What Happens if You Work While Receiving Social Security. For some, a part-time job in retirement can be an easy way to improve your retirement lifestyle. However, be careful. You should run the numbers first. If you start receiving Social Security while you are still working, it can impact your benefits. This article provides an overview of the consequences that come from working while receiving Social Security benefits.


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