Apprise Wealth Management’s Selected Readings for the Week of April 5, 2020

Women in Mask Shopping at a Grocery Store During Pandemic

I hope you and your families are staying both healthy and safe. Most of us aren’t used to spending so much time at home. As parents of older children, my wife and I have discussed how it’s a blessing to have all our children with us right now. It could be the last time we’re so fortunate. No matter how busy you find yourself, set aside some time for family. It will make a difference. Build some new memories. Working from home can be challenging if you’re not used to it. Make sure to follow some routines. It helps.

If you have any friends that are nervous and do not have an advisor or whose advisor is not reaching out to them, feel free to have them give me a call. I’m happy to spend 15 or 20 minutes answering their questions, no-obligation because they are a friend of yours.

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Here are the links to this week’s articles as well as a brief description of each:

1.  Why Time Has Slowed. Since the start of the social distancing rules, time seems to have slowed. As we age, we tend to think time passes by more quickly. I believe there is a mathematical justification for this – as we age, each day represents a smaller fraction of our lives. This makes time pass more quickly as we age. It no longer seems that way. The author posits that time passes more slowly because we are being bombarded with new and surprising experiences at the fastest rate since childhood. This may make us more likely to emerge from this crisis with permanent scars. In the future, the COVID-19 crisis will likely be viewed as a life-defining event.

2.  Grocery Rules for Your Coronavirus Lockdown: Buy Beans, Freeze Milk, Don’t Hoard, and More. It’s expected that we’ll be housebound for at least a couple more weeks. Even trips to the grocery store should at least be limited. Concerned about what foods to buy? Wondering if you can still consume a nutritious diet? Read this article if you’re looking for some suggestions.

3. 10 Sources of Emergency Cash, Ranked From Best to Worst. The current pandemic is more than a health crisis. It’s also a financial crisis for many. The number of unemployment claims each of the last two weeks has been staggering. While the CARES Act may help, many will struggle to pay their bills. The government stimulus package makes it less expensive to access your retirement plans. Should you? Probably not. This article reviews the potential options for those who need additional cash. The rankings take cost and tax consequences into account.

4. How to Give Yourself a Mental Break (And Not Feel Guilty About It). Many of our lives are more complex in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Stress levels are elevated as well. Taking mental breaks during such times can help us stay healthy, happy, and productive. Some suggestions:

·        Sleep more

·        Take mini-breaks

·        Know when to stop working

5.  Advance Care Planning Remains a Priority During COVID-19. We often don’t like talking about what happens if we get sick. It’s a much easier discussion to have when you’re healthy. If you don’t have an advanced care directive, consider putting one in place now. You can find links to free Advance Directive forms for each state on the AARP website.

f you need a pep talk or to discuss your investment strategy, please schedule a call or reply to this email. I’m here for you and happy to talk.

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