What female-led households need to know about planning for their financial future

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Financial Freedom for Women

Learn How To Optimize Your Investments, Retirement Accounts, and Social Security Benefits

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Why I Wrote This Book

My personal story is part of what drives me to help others manage their personal finances. Growing up I faced considerable uncertainty when it came to finances. I learned a lot from those experiences. I also became more educated through both my school and professional experiences.

I feel fortunate to have overcome my past financial challenges. This book also discusses the challenges I faced growing up as well as what led me to focus on working with female-led households.

As a financial advisor, my goal is to help clients who are uncertain about their financial future become more informed. My process is designed to take clients on a path from Point A (Retirement Uncertainty) to Point B (an Informed Retirement).

I know firsthand the impact failing to save and prepare for your financial future can have. It meaningfully impacted my personal and professional life. I know this was particularly hard on my mother who had little control over the finances in our home. I want to help others, especially professional women, avoid the situations I encountered growing up.

Alleviate stress and see where you are and what you need to do next for a comprehensive financial plan tailored for you.

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About The Author

Hello, my name is Phil Weiss, and I am the founder of Apprise Wealth Management. I started my financial services career in 1987 working as a tax professional for Deloitte & Touche. For the past 25 years, I have worked extensively in the areas of personal finance and investment management. I am both a CFA charterholder and a CPA.

At Apprise Wealth Management, we take pride in being a trusted financial partner, especially for female-led households. Our mission is to enhance our clients’ financial lives as well as their understanding of financial concepts.

Phil Weiss, Financial Advisor for Apprise Wealth Managemet

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Financial Topics for Women, Free E-Book

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